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3.2. I live near a quarry and sometimes, on windy days, sand is blown into my garden. I’m worried that it’s harming my health.

On rare occasions, when it’s very dry and windy, quarry operators have to take extra precautions to help prevent sand being picked up by the wind. This usually involves using water sprays and wetting down roads, quarry faces and stockpiles. In some cases, it may be necessary to stop work temporarily. Despite the best efforts of quarry operators, in extreme weather conditions it may be impossible to prevent some sand from being picked up by the wind.

Even if sand is being blown onto your property it may be a nuisance but there’s no need to worry about it affecting your health. Measurements taken around quarries indicate that even on dry and windy days there is no significant impact on air quality in terms of fine particulate levels at residential properties located close to quarries. In simple terms, the sand in the quarry is made up of particles which are too big to be of any risk to health.